Our pLAN

On March 16th, our president asked the entire nation to make huge sacrifices and take draconian measures for approximately 2 weeks (15 day) to stop the spread of COVID-19.  Due to our deepest committment to exampling good citizenship, we have made the decision to comply with President Trump's request which has been echoed by our UPCI General & Mississippi District Superintendents.  

There will be no onsite services or organized group meetings of any kind at ThePOG until tentatively March 29th.  This is not fear or ignorance.  This is a faith-based decision.  We personally feel during these uncertain times that God is challenging us to BE the Church rather than just COME to church. 

We will be implementing FACEBOOK LIVE on our church Facebook page during our worship opportunities


 (Facebook Live ONLY at this time)

Sunday 11:00am

Wednesday 7pm


1. Gather your families together and pray!

2. Check on your neighbors. 

3. You may make an appointment with Pastor for a short time of prayer, information, and/or encouragement.

4. Continue GIVING, You may stop by the church to place your giving in the giving box through the main entrance or you may GIVE ONLINE! (if you need assistance please call or text Pastor, 662-614-1505)

5. Find a creative way to serve through the church.  This is an opportunity, not a spiritual vacation. 

6. Limit Media Intake.

7.  Go outside in the sunshine for a walk or other exercise to lessen anxiety and stress.

9. Implement and enforce government stipulations to help reduce the spread of this virus.

8.  SMILE, Spread Hope, Cheer and BE THE CHURCH!


  • Tithing & Offering online

    We offer the option to give your tithing and offering online.  (click the "give" icon on the left to be directed to our giving page.)

  • Government coronavirus update

    Click the icon on the left to get the current government updates on the coronavirus.